07 June 2024 – All-day Workshop “Between expressing a negative emotion and being moved or being moving”, organised by CELISO (Aurélien Amet, Juliette Cahard, Hannah Johnson and Valentin Rousselet). For the call for papers, click HERE.

March 2024 – Corpus Club (Workshop n°4): Corpus Management and Storage. Speaker TBA. Workshop held in French. Room TBA

9-10 February 2024, Doctoral Workshop organised by Aurélien Amet, Juliette Cahard, Chloé Peres, Valentin Rousselet, Anne Semenova and Tatiana Teplukhinat (CELISO). Maison de la Recherche (Room TBA).

03 February 2024, All Day Workshop “The Informational Structure of the Utterance,” orgranised by Marie Dubois-Aumercier (CELISO), and in partnership with the Association of English Linguistics in Higher Education (ALAES). Sorbonne (Room TBA).

26 January 2024, Corpus Club (Workshop n°3): Introduction to Sketch Engine. Speaker: M.E. De Souza Miranda (Ivacs). Workshop held in English. Room TBA.

12 January 2024, All-day Workshop “What data for Research in English for specific purposes? Approaches and Methods,” by CELISO (Fanny Domenec, Mathilde Gaillard and Catherine Resche), CERLA (Lumière Lyon 2) and CEL (Jean Loulin Lyon 3).


15 December 2023 –Corpus Club (Workshop n°2) Using the Corpus of Contemporary American English. Speaker: A. Amet (CELISO) Workshop held in French. Room D116 (Serpente)

01 December 2023 – Corpus Club (Workshop n°1) Corpus Composition and Analysis with AntConc. Speaker: A. Amet (CELISO). Workshop held in French. Room D116 (Serptente)

17 November 2023 – All-day Workshop. “Teaching Languages and Teaching with Languages: from Research to Training, from Pre-school to Higher Education”, Paris INSPE, Molitor campus (10, rue Molitor 75016 Paris). For more information and the programme, click HERE. The event is free, but registration is mandatory. To register, follow this link: https://jealdifor.sciencesconf.org/registration

24 March 2023, All-day Workshop “Tempus, Modus, Aspekt”. Organised by Delphine Pasques and Anne Larroy-Wunder (Sorbonne-Nouvelle University).

3 February 2023 – All-day Workshop by Doctoral Students (organised by Marie, Olivia, Aurélien, Anna). Maison de la recherche, Room D323 in the 3rd Floor Hallway.


17 June 2022: Corpus Club All-day Workshop, “Tools to Explore the Corpus”, in partnership with the STIH unit.

19-20 May 2022, 9am-5pm – All-day Workshop on Stylistics in Specialised Discourse, Maison de la Recherche (28 rue Serpente), Room D035. Programme

11 February 2022 – All-day Workshop on “English Interrogative Phrases”

07 January 2022  – Workshop Area 1 : « Exploiting the Corpora (electronic) in CELISO-led Research: Challenges and Stakes”, Maison de la Recherche, Room D040. Programme.


16 December 2021 – All-day Workshop, “Linguistics and English for Specific Purposes”, co-organised by CELISO, the CEL (Lyon 3), and the Language Department at ENS Paris-Saclay.

8 October 2021 – All-day Workshop, “Constructions and Context(s)”. Sorbonne University, Maison de la Recherche, Room D040 – Programme

October, 8, 2021
Workshop “Constructions and context(s)” – Sorbonne University
Maison de la Recherche, Room D040  Program


November 8, 2019 : Meaning, sensation and affect in the teaching of 1st degree students”.



May 24 and 25, 2019 : Workshop “Strategies and rhetorical techniques in specialized discourses”. Program HERE

May 15, 2019 : Slavic languages workshop, “Evolving Slavic languages”. Program HERE

April 5-6, 2019 : French-American Symposium, Sorbonne University/SUNY

April 6, 2019 : Workshop “Verb Complementation – Neuestes von der Verbszene: Aspekte der Verbkomplementierung im Deutschen.” Program HERE.

March 22, 2019 : Workshop “Intensity in all its states”. Program and information HERE.