The Club Corpus is a workshop which brings together PhD students, postdoctoral students, university lecturers, all members of the CeLiSo, who regularly meet to exchange knowledge and discuss practical issues concerning electronic corpora.

The members of the Club Corpus wish to create an environment of sharing and mutual aid. The workshops are organized according to the needs and interests of the group and are designed by the members of the group depending on their skills. From time to time, the Club may invite guest speakers to share some new knowledge on corpus linguistics and contribute to developing the skills of all its members.

Parallel to the workshops, the Club Corpus has a Hypotheses blog (, in which they share information and reflections on the compiling and the study of corpora in an informal and friendly way.

Any person interested in corpus linguistics is welcome to the workshops of the Club.

Program of the workshops and conferences organized by the Club Corpus (2021-2022)

  • Saturday, November 20th 2021;
  • Saturday, December 3rd 2021;
  • Friday, January 28th 2021;
  • Friday, March 11th.